The Best Board Games For Your Next Party

Get the party started by breaking out the best board games that will guarantee you will be the hostess with the mostest.

Balderdash. Are you bluffing? A player selects a definition card and rolls the dice to determine which of the five words on the card will be used. The dasher writes the correct definition on a piece of paper; other players concoct a definition. Definitions are read, voted upon, and points awarded. Crazy word fun!

Battle of the Sexes. Test your knowledge of the opposite sex by asking gender-based trivia questions. Wild cards add an extra twist.

Catch Phrase. Players divide into two teams. Team members attempt to get teammates to guess a word or phrase. Clue givers can give verbal and non-verbal clues.

Cocktailopoly or Wineopoloy. Prefer to shake or stir things up? Learn about cocktails or wine. And if you’re really bad, you’ll have to cope with a hangover or a trip to the wine cellar.

Cranium. Billed as the game for your whole brain, teams move around the game board by completing activities based on skills: artistic, trivia knowledge, language, and performance.

Dirty Minds. Not everything is as dirty as it seems. In this board game, apparently naughty clues lead to innocent answers. Each correct guess scores a dirty mess card. The first player or team to spell ‘dirty’ wins.

Loaded Questions. Ask a question. See how well you know your guests.

Scene It. This interactive DVD game challenges even the sharpest movie, sports, or TV buffs. The game provides clips, trivia questions, and puzzles. Specialized versions center on pop culture favorites, including Disney and Nickelodeon shows, Harry Potter, Friends, Star Trek and Seinfeld.

True Colors. Players predict how others see them. During a round, players mark a private ballot on who best fits each question. Players guess at the number of votes they receive. This is a perfect game for three to six players.

Any of these games will get the party started and keep it going all night long.